The creation of computers is one of the most innovative inventions man has ever come up with. It has changed the way countries interact with each other, how acquaintances network, and how businesses conduct their affairs. It has reduced the amount of work and made things easy. It is a kind of gadget which can be programmed to carry out a number of functions. This device has evolved over the years from a big, complex, and expensive gadget to a simple, easy, and cheap device. The sequence of operations can be changed, making it easy to solve more than one kind of problem. Different types of computer have emerged ranging from desktops, to laptops, to tablets. Both the young and the old use them globally. They are also used in different parts of the world either in rural or urban areas, or in various ways:

  • As a means of communication

With the use of social media like Facebook or Twitter, people living in different states can share information. People who live in separate continents and have not seen each other in decades can communicate. As individuals retire from their work places, they can be in touch with each other using the internet and reduce the loneliness they feel. The use of the web camera enables people to see each other as they talk using the computer. This has led to the introduction of Skype, which is mainly used. With Facebook people share pictures, update status, and send messages to their friends.

  • A way of conducting Business

With this gadget, consumers are able to pay their bills to their respective companies without going to the company physically. They can also access their bank account and be able to transact in the internet. Companies advertise their job offers in their website and interested parties apply for the job offer using the computer. It also allows people to buy music or movies from the internet by a means of downloading them. With e-commerce, people are able to buy and sell products online, which have become the modern means of doing trade. The newspaper industry now post news online and it can be read by a large number of people who have access to this device in internet cafes, their homes, or office. Executives are now opening cyber cafes where they charge their customers who come to use the computers.

  • Used in Education

Students, especially university learners all over the world conduct most of their studies through the internet by doing research, submitting assignments, or even studying online. With people globally going green, the use of books has reduced and computers became an ideal replacement for writing notes. Important information can be stored in this gadget for future reference of learning. Google has helped most students who look for information from the internet. Individuals can now gain knowledge in other countries without necessarily going there, but using this device.

The computer has really simplified work for people. It has also led to the production of high quality products in companies. There have been many industries that have been blessed with the innovation of this device, making life comfortable and easy for mankind.