It can not be stressed enough how important education is to the society. It is the pillar to a successful family and world in general. There is an old saying that when you educate a child, you educate the whole society. It is because of education that we are where we are in this time and age. As you look at advanced technologies that are coming up today, you’ll realize that it is all due to good education and passion to do something to be successful. Gone are the days when children inherit family businesses, failing to go to school because they knew that their future was already catered for. In today’s society, everyone determines his or her own destiny. Even for the family businesses that are still operating these days, the children still have to be engaged in formal education. The traditional ways of doing business do not totally work and schooling goes an extra mile.

Governments in most parts of the world have put, in place, policies protecting education to ensure that everybody has the right to good quality learning. Some countries are offering free schooling to children in primary schools up to high schools and in colleges.

As we insist on the importance of learning, let’s look at the advantages of education:

  • Better salary

Hands down, people with formal education are paid better than casual workers. When one studies a particular field and develops his skills, it is easy to negotiate for a good salary. Firms are looking for personnel that are confident with their abilities, becoming a great asset to the company. The many years of schooling sounds so much better on that pay slip where the many years one had to wake up early pays off.

  • Having good training provides people with better and healthier lifestyles

It is true that schools do not just teach courses but it also molds people to become better members of the society. The many hours students spend in class contributes to shaping them for good and preventing them from doing illegal acts. There are many things students learn in schools that they could not have learnt at homes or on their own. Teachers are knowledgeable enough to equip pupils with the right skills and information to face the world with pride and dignity. They learn how to respond to issues, how to be confident, and how to improve on our talents and hobbies.

  • A good job guarantees good health care benefits

In a formal job, one benefits form health care. As everyone knows, health care is very expensive. Jobs provide such benefits and health insurance perks to employees, thereby unloading a lot of obligation and stress from the workers. Staff can then live quality lives and know that their health needs are catered for.

  • Job satisfaction and stability

People get a satisfaction from formal employment. Specializing in an area that is loved and studied can be fulfilling. Some people spend there whole lives looking for a job they are proud, satiating their contentment. Getting a secure or stable job also reduces stress.